What are the Importance of Enticing Packaging

We can never underestimate the power of presentation in the consumer market today. The marketing world is changing every day and now presentation is what sets the products apart, especially in FMCG. New competitors enter the market every day, but the existing products can stay on top because of customers who are loyal to the brand. Even new competitors can make an indelible mark on the marketing front by introducing their brand and products with a bang. A quirky slogan and marketing that can catch the eye of consumers above the others, will get you a long way ahead of competitors. How do you manage this? Packaging! Manufacturers spend a hefty sum in packaging their products. Every little detail in packaging matters to make the product stand out from its contemporaries.

Especially for consumer goods like cosmetics and food, packaging matters the most. It is not a surprise to anyone that manufacturers spend the majority of their marketing budget on conceptualizing and designing the packaging. A good strategy and design can propel your product way above the others in sales. The packaging is the first impression that you make on your customers. The first impression is the last impression. Customers have to explore your product before they can start using it regularly. After they start using the product regularly, they’ll become loyal. So you can see how packaging plays a big role in getting you, customers.

What are the Components of Good Packaging?

Here are some tips from a customer’s point of view:

Customized Packaging:

Unique and well-conceptualized packaging attracts the customer’s eye. Imagine going into a supermarket. They stack similar products together. Which one do you choose? You’ll either choose the one that is the most attractive or you’ll go for a tried and tested product. What do you look at when you’re choosing a new product though? Your hand will automatically reach for the product that has the catchiest package. But it doesn’t end here. After picking up the product it is important that it goes into the cart rather than back on the shelf. The content on the packaging has to be clear, concise and quirky. It must have relevant information. If there is even a bit of information missing the product will find its way back on the shelf.


This is most important when you have to make your product stand out from others. Just the basic color can make all the difference. You can even shape the packaging in a fancy way to catch more attention. The slogan and tag that you put on should be relevant and easy to read. Some packaging has things written on the crimp, which is very annoying because the text gets distorted. Text which is written in the center rather than the sides of the packaging is the best because we don’t have to turn the package around to read every line. It’s a little more expensive but running trials before you make the packaging official is definitely a good idea. There are always mistakes in the final product and you can’t afford even a minor mistake in such a competitive market. Spending just a little more on the packaging can earn you a manifold return.

Utility Packaging:

A very basic thing that most manufacturers don’t realize is the utility of the packaging after the product has been consumed. For instance, creams that come in glass containers. These containers have a lot of reuse value for the customer. The product becomes value for money too because the customer is not only buying the product but also the package that can be used many times over. Consumers are becoming very well aware of everything in the era of technology. They would prefer buying products whose packaging is environment-friendly. Since consumers are more environmentally conscious, Brad Zaikov from JansyPkg.com says that companies will have more success if they use recyclable packaging. Recycling products and reusing them is taking the world by storm. The deteriorating condition of the planet is not a mystery anymore, neither is it a well-kept secret. Now everyone wants a hand in making the environment better.


Consumers don’t like too much change. Changing the product or the packaging takes a lot of time to get used to. The product may even lose sales. While upgrading the packaging is a good idea, doing it at once isn’t. You must have already conceptualized and planned the design in the beginning before introducing the product. Since the world of FMCG is lightning fast, you may have to make a few changes to optimize sales, one can understand that. However, doing this all at once can make you lose sales. If you absolutely must change the packaging, then don’t change the product. In case you do want to change both, it is better to discontinue the product altogether and launch it as a new one instead.


A durable package will not only keep the product safe but also increase the utility of the entire package. If the product is something like creams, the glass bottle and container can be reused to store things after. The biggest advantage of using glass to make containers is that it won’t react with the product because of its properties. It is also recyclable so it is better for the environment too. Packaging that keeps the product safe in the FMCG market will always be favored over others. The other great advantage that glass has is that it is moldable in any shape. You can make your product look even more enticing in glass containers. Glass is more flimsy than plastic, but even so there are different types of glass that you can experiment with. As malleable as glass is, it is an upcoming choice for good packaging.

As a consumer, you must have a lot of choices in FMCG as well. How do you choose the best? In our daily lives, we don’t realize the real reasons our choices are influenced. Every little component of packaging has had a lot of manpower behind it.


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