DC Motors at Home

Today’s households seem so modern and efficient, but a lot of people don’t realize that much of everyday living is still powered by the basic yet important technology of electric motors. Most home appliances, electric devices, and other automated systems particularly utilize energy-efficient DC motors that are highly precise, reliable, and quiet to operate.

And as these consumer products are increasingly being produced with streamlined designs, lightweight casings, and multiple functions, the need for compact but powerful brushless DC motors is increasing as well. Diameters can come as small as 12.7 mm with speeds of up to 100,000 rpm. These high-tech components should also be able to withstand constant use, harsh environments, and high acceleration.

Just a simple walk through any contemporary home will show how DC motors are in widespread use and application.

In the kitchen

It is so much more convenient and enjoyable to prepare meals with the help of electrical appliances and electric tools in the kitchen. Brushless DC motors power a lot of small machines such as those for making coffee, squeezing fresh juice, processing food, and mixing ingredients. Miniature motors can also be found in the coffee grinder, electric knife, sink incinerator, and many other basic kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and the range hood.

In the living room

DC motors power electric fans, exhaust fans, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, airconditioners, air purifiers, heaters, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and the like. With the advent of digital technology, “smart” homes have also become very popular. While computer technology is responsible for managing and controlling smart home systems, DC motors are needed to power the actual operation of automated door locks, window shutters, and other items in the home.

In the bedroom and bathroom

In one’s own personal space, there are brushless motors that run small implements like electric toothbrushes, hair dryers, and electric razors. There are also motors in VCRs, CD and DVD players, and in the ever-ubiquitous personal computer or laptop—in fact, there are sure to be more than a couple of motors in computers that run various parts such as disk drives and cooling fans. Not many people know that innocent-looking toys are also mostly run by micro DC motors. Moving dolls, RC cars, and other engaging toys for kids are often powered by DC motors.

In the garage

Miniature DC motors are primarily found in abundance inside automobiles—in power windows, power seats, windshield wipers, power antenna, down to the fans for the heater and radiator. The garage door itself is powered by a DC motor. Most importantly, power hand tools such as drills and screwdrivers, also rely on high-power and high-performance DC motors.

DC motors everywhere

The importance of DC motors in daily life extends from within the home to many other businesses and industries. The science of robotics, for instance, has impacted the manufacturing sector greatly, and robots are mostly powered by brushless DC motors. Electric motors are the virtual “muscle” of robots, giving them strength and range of movement. Robots are now employed in many aspects of manufacturing such as welding, assembly, stacking, and transporting. Robots require extremely precise movement and utmost reliability, and so only the best motor components will do.

Healthcare has also improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to advances in micro-motor technology that has enabled extremely precise and accurate surgical hand tools like orthopedic saws and drills, surgical staplers and screwdrivers, ENT instruments, and many more.

As more and more industries evolve and aspire for increased efficiency, micro DC motors can be expected to similarly improve and evolve into more energy-efficient and high-powered components. From the limited confines and comforts of the home, one can only imagine how DC motors are also helping shape the entire world.


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