Choose from various types of phone cases to suit your style

Looking at the condition of some of people’s phones around you, you must have got a cover for your phone already. However, you might like some variety and this article will help you explore all the options you have.

If your phone is old there might not be too many options because nowadays, mobile phone accessories go out of fashion before the model goes obsolete. However, if your phone is less than a year old in the market, you are likely to get all the options open.

iPhone 6 Cases

For older models

If you want a new case for your old phone, you might need to stick to some basic types of cases like the pouch case and the old style flip case. Another option is to ask around for second hand cases for the model. You can ask on social media or around to your friends and colleagues if anybody is willing to sell off an existing cover for the concerned model.

For everything else

There is a wide range of types of phone cases for your phone these days. You can choose any type you like depending on the style and the convenience of the case. Here is a list of the broad types of phone covers or cases:

  • Pouch case: This is the simplest, oldest type which some people still might want to go for. You put the phone into it and clip or tie the end to secure it. The advantage of these covers is that you do not have to go around looking for a whole compatible design for it. All you need to look for is the right size to fit your phone snugly. The disadvantage of this type of case is obviously that you will have to take the phone out every time you even need to check the time and you might end up losing the case while using the phone.
  • Slim case: This is the back cover that fits seamlessly to your phone. The good quality ones are shock-proof. The cheap ones will only protect it from dust, oil, dirt, and water if it is waterproof. The advantage of this type of case is that if you get a transparent one, you can show off the true design of the phone or you can give it a shade if you get a translucent one. The disadvantage of this type of phone cases is that if it is not a branded one, it will offer hardly any protection, and the rubber may even start to smell and degenerate.
  • Rugged/buffer case: The back cover that adds to the weight and bulk of the phone also adds some friction and this case is therefore balanced in its pros and cons. The rugged case also offers some variety in the design with its intricately designed pattern which also gives the case its ruggedness. If shockproof and waterproof is what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the buffer case.
  • Flip case: The basic flip cases only offered both, front and back protection. Today the flip cases come with a stand that enables you to watch videos with the phone standing like a laptop on the table. There seems to be nothing wrong with this type as long as the quality is good.
  • Folio case: The flip case was the best type of phone covers until folio cases came up. These are flip cases with money and card compartments. A decent quality folio case will be shockproof, maybe water resistant, and will keep your purse and phone safe in one grip. What more could one ask for!

Now you know about the various kinds of phone cases, go fetch one of the types you like best.


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