ChatRad Alternatives

Top 5 Best ChatRad Alternatives – Random Chats with Strangers

What’s your individual opinion about romance? Well! If you are shy and are not comfortable to open up your feelings standing in front, ChatRad like sites is the best for you! ChatRad is an online platform...
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Sites Like RouletteB

Top 5 Best Sites like RouletteB Apk – Live Chat Rooms Download

RouletteB is a popular chatting platform extremely perfect for chatting with random girls from across the world. If you are searching for a girlfriend, a life partner or a good friend, you can access the...
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Is IoT the Next Big Technology Trend? What You Need to Know

The Internet of Things is now becoming one of the most popular topics of conversation, a concept that can impact many things around us, from how we live to the way we work. But what exactly is the Internet...
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Switching Plans? A Guide to Australia’s Alternative Mobile Service Providers

What does your mobile plan offer you that others don’t? What made you opt for your existing company in the first place? Having trouble trying to frame the answer? Don’t worry you’re not alone, a ...
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Chrome in Android could detect any URL on the clipboard.

Google Chrome in Android can detect any URL in the Clipboard

Google Chrome is the most preferred browser for a reason. It is insanely popular and is used in both PC’s and Mobiles by majority of users. Google is constantly working on new features for its various...
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How to Remove Shaded SkyDrive Pro from Your Right-Click Context Menu

If you have Install Microsoft Office 2013 on your Windows computer then you might realize that there is a shaded SkyDrive Pro on your right-click context menu which is just waste. As this option will appear...
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Using 4G for Home Internet – PROs and CONs

Remember when 3G connections were the new kid on the block? Well, now, 4G connections have made their entrance, and like it or not, people would not give up the 4G speed and efficiency for anything else....
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3 Important Applications of Wireless Broadband Technologies

The internet has come a long way since it was first created decades ago. These days, computers can fit in the palm of one’s hand, which is a huge leap from the gigantic room-sized machines of the...
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ssl certificate

How to install free SSL Certificate using cPanel

SSL certificates may be costly because they will protect your site from hackers as well as if you are taking some important information from your visitors like their credit card information and other personal...
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Best Antivirus for Windows 2013

We see millions of malwares and viruses hitting the World Wide Web Daily. And one thing is already implicit that these type of malware makers and virus distributers would never stop creating such virtual...
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