BooksRun App Review for Android and IOS Smartphones

Smart phone apps are a wave of the future, and an excellent way to connect with the younger crowd. Almost every operating business out there has its own app. The apps provide convenience, information, discounts, and the ability to complete transactions digitally. This fits with the present model of bigger, faster, better that hangs over the digital world. Smart phones take away the hassle of dealing with actual people, and cut out all the tiny little time-wasting steps people go through everyday.

Many apps use the high-res cameras available on every phone to convert them into scanners. This allows them to facilitate the functions necessary to complete certain transactions, and also takes care of the inventory end of the spectrum. For any business to truly gain legitimacy it has to eventually create its own phone app.

BooksRun is an online site for the sale, purchase, or rent of college-level textbooks. It offers free shipping, payments to seller within four days, is compatible with Paypal, and contains a wide variety of used textbooks at discount prices. The books can be bought outright or rented from the site. Booksrun also offers digital downloads for specific textbooks.

Outright purchase carries the highest price but also represents a return of investment as it can be sold back. In fact each textbook sold carries its one buyback feature. Finding out the value of your textbook, or instigating your buyback option, is as easy as entering the ISBN numbers on the textbook. The Booksrun app adds to this convenience by allowing the entire transaction to occur anywhere.

The Booksrun app is compatible with both android and IOS operating systems. This means it can be downloaded on most smart phones and tablets. The only phones that may have difficulty with this option are ones operated by windows. The app effectively converts tablets and phones into a portable ISBN scanner. The app is free and simple to download. Once loaded onto your device all that is needed for functionality is to follow a few steps:

  • Scan the barcode with the devices’ camera
  • View buyback quotes and add them to order
  • Click on items to change condition and quanitity
  • Checkout using BooksRun account
  • Note; ISBN number can also be entered into the field to get buyback quotes. If you do not have a BooksRun account one can be easilty created on the spot

Once all of the above has been completed users can finalize their transactions and sell their books. All that is required is to print the shipping label and package the textbook. Another perk the app offers is a quicker payment date. App users get paid within 2 business days rather than four.

The interface of the app is very easy to follow. It offers simple prompts that direct users to whatever they need to do. The information is laid out well, and the app contains assurance prompts to provide safety. Just one use is all that is required to master the app. Compared to other apps BooksRun is fairly simple, but it does not need any added complexity. Its availability for both IOS and android allow wide spread use.

The app is optimum for college or graduate level students. Textbook costs can be ridiculous so the sites like BooksRun are a godsend. The buyback quality is also nice as most textbooks are one use. Paired with the phone buyback is even better. For busy students with a lot on their plate, the ability to finalize transactions anywhere is key. It is also so simple that it cuts down on hassle. The last thing any busy student needs is a overly complicated book-returning task.

There are no requirements necessary when using BooksRun. Created an account is easy and requires a minute amount of information. The only necessary requirement is an internet connection. Devices with no camera are still optimal because you can enter the number in as well.

The app also allows for book scouting. Since the app provides an instant quote, students can compare with other retailers to see if there is a better deal. It also means students can see the buyback quotes before purchasing the actual book itself. This can be the difference between purchase and rent. Many students may even turn to an e-book situation if the buyback cost does not make the overall purchase worth it.

The scanner provides instant results. This is nice because most people do not want their time taken up by a long wait. It is also so easy to scan the books it frees users from the hassle of entering in the numbers. Quicker, faster, better are key factors in the digital world so BooksRun’s app does the job.

The app currently holds a 3.6 out of 5 rating. Over ten thousand users have downloaded the app and most of the reviews are favorable. Most reviewers love the compatibility and ease of use, and mention g how fast the transaction took place. Many users that rated it one start did so because no buyback was offered on their books. The app itself seems to have no problems as of yet.

Not every book scanned will have buyback capability as even textbooks lose value after purchase. This has to do with the market itself as well as the company purchasing the books being offered. If BooksRun has too many in stock, or the textbook is no longer used, there will be no demand. This does not take anything away from the app itself. The users that complained had a problem with BooksRun itself. So far no users have complained of crashing, freezing, or simply not functioning.

The download size is 23 megabytes so the app is compact. Its last update was on June 25th, and served to upgrade the notification aspect of the app. As a function the app does great, preforms the job it was designed to do. Before use consumers should take into account the company itself if they want to revue before downloading. The app is free and only costs money when purchasing something through it, so there is no risk when downloading it.


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