Best SEO Practices You Should Implement In New Year

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a webpage in the normal search engines that we deal with in our daily life. SEO considers how a search engine works, what generally people search for in a search engine, the terms or keywords typed in a search engine and which search engines are preferred by the targeted audience. While using SEO application in the search engines there are certain practices that one should implement that can offer you straightforward approach for a better visibility of your webpage.

SEO Practices

First practice that one should keep in mind is to check out whether the keywords that you are targeting and relevant and proper with search engines. It’s always better to practise targeting two or three word phrases as it can provide better search results compared to the ones that you get by implicating a single keyword. The title tag of your webpage is given more importance by search engines thus by leading with the keywords that you have chosen you can make you page more relevant to the keywords in a search.

Next practice should be to keep your body of the article to sufficient length and rich in the keyword. Make a body copy of at least seven hundred words including the relevant keywords high in the page which will be weighted more by search engines. It’s always good to think in terms of keyword prominence and also make sure the body is not stuffed with the keywords. The anchor text in the hyperlink usually gets associated with all search engines hence use Google words in the anchor text to help to get better search options. With a longer anchor text the overall time will get more diluted which will result in bad results.

Having the practice of employing text links can attribute in conveying to the search engine content of the page that you are getting linked to. Keeping the URLs of your dynamic pages short, simple and static looking can create a positive influence on search engines. Another important practise is to give your homepage and other key pages of your site having sufficient page rank. Page rank is goggles way of quantifying the importance of a webpage. The quality of the links pointing to a given web page is more important than the quantity of the content embedded in it. The websites hierarchical internal linking structure conveys more to the search engines how important you consider each page of your website.

It’s not a good practise to greet the users or visitors of your webpage with a default error message of file not found when they click through the link obtained from a search engine. Better practise would be to offer a custom error page with your logo and branding, navigation, site map and also a search box which will create an interesting mode to the visitors. Make sure that your file names and directory names include target keywords and keep it a practise to separate the keywords with hyphens. You also need to keep a practise of actively building links to your website. A steady stream of high quality links doesn’t just happen but you need to create it with authoritative directories like Yahoo Directory and Open Directory. Better practising these best SEO practises and implement them to create more visibility for your website in this New Year.


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