Best Backlink Software for SEO-Review of the Best Options

Link building is simply the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to yours. These hyperlinks will take or redirect web visitors from other websites to yours and vice versa. Without backlinks, your SEO strategies are not complete, though, most experts agree that link building can be the most difficult aspect of SEO for more bloggers, there are however software that can simplify such process, you can learn more about this by visiting

Review of top backlink software for SEO

#1: Toutapp – This is one of the best rated backlink software for SEO, and it helps sales people running websites to close more deals faster than ever. The software works by increasing the productivity of the website owner through the numerous backlink tracking options, it also provides numerous templates alongside analytics that accelerate sales incredibly. This software comes with a free limited version and a paid advanced version.

#2: The money robot is another highly ranked backlink software tool that works more like automated robot for numerous SEO strategies. This is an easy-to-use, yet effective backlink generator and tracker that can generate lots of traffic to your website and get it to the first page of Google search engine. Once the tool creates the backlinks, it tracks the lives backlinks, alongside all related texts and data. It makes use of a “Money robot submitter” feature that work with numerous servers which hunt continuously for the websites that provide the best quality backlinks to your website and once these servers detect the links, they will automatically submit your content on such websites.

#3: The GSA Search engine ranker- This backlink software is one of the most recommended software online because of its effectiveness in boosting web traffic within the shortest possible period of time. The software is easy to use and it is completely reliable.

#4: The Link Research tools- This is one of the biggest data platforms or software designed to help all advertising agencies rank better in search engines, and most especially Google. It is the software you need in order to outperform your main rivals. Some of the tools used by this software include:

  • it relies on a combine knowledge, which include some 93 different SEO metrics plus several link back-ends.
  • up-to-date and accurate Data monitoring.
  • filters for dynamic link profiles,
  • comes with support for all social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

#5: The Ravel tools – This is a piece of software that can help you generate wonderful marketing reports by crawling through thousands of websites to gather essential data on some technical SEO components (including backlinks), that meet up with Google’s newest requirements, these include: speeds of pages, and responsiveness of the mobile design. It is definitely one of the best backlink generator and online marketing reporting software you can rely upon.

#6: Ahrefs – This is one of the best website explorers and software that monitors and analyze backlinks, especially on some specific websites. It is one of the most trustable sources for backlink data, and it remains one of the most independent SEO analyzing tools online. It is designed for website owners as well as SEO professionals and some of its functions include:

  • analyzing websites for their links,
  • tracking social media engagements
  • building credible and good quality backlinks.

There are several other backlink building software that are worth mentioning, these include: Ontolo, Moz Pro, Market Samurai, WhoLinkstoMe, and Word tracker’s Link Builder. It is important to choose an ideal software that is quite easy to use, before considering any other factor. You can click on the following link for more information on how to get the best backlink services from an ideal backlink software:


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