Best 4 features of Windows 8

Windows 8 has arrived with a bang and like the expectations of the users; it has comparably enhanced and sophisticated features as well.

Hence, it necessitates you to know these renowned features which will help you towards getting to know their extreme utility with which windows 8 has rightly been associated as well. It comes with a unique kind of user interface namely Metro.

Speedy Boot Time

Windows 8 has far better and electrifying speed unlike its predecessor. It is only possible due to its better resource allocations. As compared to Windows 7 desktop CPU, this enhanced version has speedier boot time.

The reason why Windows 8 registered great improvement is due to the fact that it resorts to the technique of hibernating the system kernel on being shut down. Hence, it partially hibernates each time. Thereby, on rebooting the system, the memory of your previous session is able to reinitialized quickly.

Innovative & Dynamic Desktop

On logging Windows 8, the tiles based interface or Metro UI will be the first and the foremost thing which you are going to see. UI is related with touch screen as you tap on touch screen devices like tablets and smart phones in order to open them

The grid layout eases the whole procedure even further. It is beyond doubt that you can customize your grid according to the way you want and that can be done either by adding or arranging applications.

Improved Search Function

8 is devoid of search box, therefore it does not have trademark Start menu. However, it does not lack in any sort of functions. While typing any thing, you will be able to see a search box which appears from the right and hence, you will get the results. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that search capability is all the more effective and stronger, as it displays all matching apps and files in an instant way.

Windows To Go

This stands out to be the most convenient feature. Windows To Go gives the luxury to its esteemed users of making a copy of their OS which is complete in every respect be it settings, files, wallpapers, apps etc. as it is plugged into another computer where Windows 8 is already installed, you can make the OS look exactly like the way you normally use by booting up the PC with all the settings are intact.


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