Basic Steps in Setting Kindle Voyage

Kindle voyage is Amazon product which is very thin kindle. And its weight is like feather. This has sharp and white display. It has better contrast and good display. This kindle uses cloud for storage of the items and the cloud maintains these items as a library.


Simple steps for setting: There are very few simple steps to set up kindle oasis,

  • First select the language of the device and
  • Connect to wireless network
  • Register the kindle in your account
  • Now link this kindle to the account of social network.

If you are not able to do the above process then just go to home screen and choose the option “set up your kindle” then just follow the steps given in the screen. If you have registered to the kindle

  • Click quick action icon on the tool bar and
  • Now click all the setting which is present there.
  • In setting page now tap the register or to deregister.

Connecting to Network: We can connect the kindle to wireless network and the steps are given below,

  • select quick action icon in toolbar and click all setting.
  • In setting page click Wi-Fi network and it will show all the networks
  • Here you should select your network.
  • Now enter network password if it is needed.
  • At last click connect and now it will connect automatically and the status will show the strength of your network.

Shopping in kindle Voyage: The Kindle Store provides many things like Kindle books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. To use the kindle Voyage store,

  • click top of the screen and it will display the toolbars and then click the Store icon. You can even choose Kindle Store using the menus given.
  • To enter the Kindle Store just click on the area of interest and then scroll from right to left or up and down to move to all pages and lists. You can search for a title, browse any category, or you can see recommendations made just for you.
  • By Kindle Store you see details about titles, read reviews and even download book samples.

Keyboard: The kindle has keyboard on its screen. When you try to search something or if you do any other action then keyboard will move down to the screen.

Managing the kindle voyage library:  Kindle voyage you can store thousands of books, personal files, newspapers, blogs and etc. To see all these contents you have to click My Library in home screen. Now all the data which was in the cloud will be displayed. If you want any particular item then go to the menu icon and select your item. There are many functions you can do in this library they are, sorting the items, filtering the data, and moving the library and many more. Just try Amazon coupons and get your discount.

Filtering the library:- To find a particular item you can use this filtering option. There are many filtering options to select items, books, files, docs and collections.


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