3 Android Emulators That Lets You Play Old Favorites

Emulators are a unique bunch. The technology behind it is sometimes finicky, but there are standouts within the group that will make you question why the ones which are less than optimal exist. At its most basic, emulators let users play certain games by acting like the platform the game has originally been on. Emulators have been present since the PC took hold of the gaming industry.


Now, emulators are taking that same experience to mobile gamers. The open-sourced mobile operating system from Google, Android, is the sole platform that carries emulator apps right now. Or at least, it’s the one with the most number in it. Apple users, unless jailbroken, can’t use, even access, these apps. So if you’re looking for Android emulators that lets you play old favorites, you’re in luck – here are the best of the bunch at the moment:


Bluestacks in PC and PC has been for the longest time, the only decent emulator for Android PC gaming. The app is fast, streamlined, and doesn’t scrimp on features. As of writing, it has 400 million gamers on its platform and counting at that, which for the better part, makes it one of the best emulators for android right at the moment.

It may not be the most lightweight of emulators around, and there is sure a heft of bloatware in the app, but nonetheless, it does its job of bringing Android games to your PC or Mac. It’s free to download, but you need to pay for it after trial. Controller support for BlueStacks is honestly some of the best, and for that alone, it’s a must-have.


If what you want is the best all-arounder emulator, look no further than EmuBox. The app is free, works extremely well, and probably has one of the best lists of games you can play. It supports games from Nintendo DS, NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, and more. Customization is available as well, and there’s an option where you can boost performance. 

Obviously, to be able to do that, you’d need to have an excellent Android device with great computing power. There’s also external controller support for those who prefer to play console. One caveat? Since the app is free and has no in-app purchases at the moment, ads are present.


Arguably the best Playstation emulator in the mobile market today, FPse focuses on how its users can personalize their gaming experiences. The app, in itself, is buttery smooth, with a wide range of PSone games. Overall, it’s a delight to use. If you are the type of gamer that always needs to tinker with their gameplay – framerates, angles, graphics – FPse is perfect. 

The app is optimized to work on the latest devices as well as older ones. It requires at least an Android version 2.1 to work, so theoretically, you can play PSone originals on a device like the Samsung Galaxy Y. 

It features real-time save and loading states, true overlay widgets, and many more. Controls are streamlined with the gamepad carrying three types: digital, analog, and guncon. The app is paid at $3.63, but it has a 7-day trial, so you can experience the breadth of what you’re getting into. 


Mobile gaming has truly evolved from the niche market that it was a few decades back to a sprawling, all-encompassing platform that it is now. In both mobile operating systems – that’s Android and iOS for the uninitiated – there are a ton of PC- and console-quality games that are waiting to be played. But if you want to go down the memory lane, download some of the emulators above and play some retro games that go down as classics!


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