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Do you wish to plunge yourself into the world of gadgets? We are here to bring you all kinds of interesting developments and keep you informed on hottest news about latest technologies emerging in the whole wide world.

We began with the aim of bringing technology and people closer. We value the opinion of our gadget lovers and give them a platform for expression. When a new gadget is released into the market, we do unboxing videos along with their reviews. We also do comparisons with previous iterations of the device and with the closest competitor in the market. We bring you intelligent unbiased reviews that can keep you going non-stop. Do not be surprised if you get addicted to us.

Now we have expanded into a plethora of categories giving much information on everything people care about. We have set the gold standard in a few areas with our special ideas. Our users always come to us if they require any breaking down on programming. Many computer languages are dealt with in our content with the very purpose of helping the user master them. But do not mistake us for bring simple minded geeks.

We also enlighten our readers on fashion trends. We make an effort to keep up with the fast changing trends and bring everything that is happening out there in the fashion world to our blogs. Our writer also gives several tips that can come in handy every day. Are you in the habit of consulting internet whenever you wish for information on how to do something? If so, you will fall in love with us for we provide endless how-to content.

We also provide you information about various malwares & viruses and also guide you to protect your gadgets by installing good anti-virus in your gadgets. We give you invaluable information on topics like price comparison between different gadgets, reviews, top 5 features, etc.

For entertainment lovers, we contribute several videos, reviews on movies, Memes and such. Gamers have a separate section in our blog where we discuss an array of games that are newly released and trending. PC, XBOX, PS and Nintendo WII platforms are covered. Different Guides and walk through are available for games on a regular basis.

Apart from standard windows tricks and how to do post, we also provide information for a range of Linux distributions and MacOs. Users can get to know how to dual boot, repair, debug and redo their operating system installations with minimal loss of data. Linux tips and tricks also include the android section. Posts related to android include, how to root and unlock boot loaders of a variety of devices, how to unbrick devices from a soft brick etc. Users can also divulge in discussion forums for devices that are currently trending in the market.

We concentrate on improving the quality of our reader’s life as a whole. We promise something for everyone here. It is a great blog for gadget lovers.

Founder : Rajkumar Jonnala