A Complete Review Of 000webhost.Com

000webhost.com is one of the major companies that provide free web hosting. There are so many people across the globe that have signed up for this company and loved the service that they provide. You don’t have to provide your credit card information as you only have to sign up for free. It is completely hassle-free as well as convenient. 000webhosting.com is the first platform to give you instant access to auto-installer. With this feature, you can make your website ten times more attractive by including more and more scripts. Why would you want to pay when you are getting free web hosting at 000webhost.com? The control panel is easy to use and can is accessible to all the users. If you have any queries regarding the installation of WordPress you can look up into the guide that is present on the official website of this company. Whether you own your shop or you want to show off your talent, you can do it all if you give a chance to 000webhost.com. When you have your website, you can reach to all your customers, across the globe at any time you want to. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertisements as this company assures a good amount of uptime. Without having proper uptime, even if you have good content, your competitors will get ahead of you. So it’s time for you to start building your website and becoming your boss.

Comparison With Competitors

When you have to compare with its competitors, 000webhost.com is better than all. It will not spam you everyday and create problems.  Companies such as Vortech Hosting are very unresponsive. They do not listen to the problems of their clients, and if you want to cancel your account, they will not help you at all. You can find all sorts of queries on our website and get your answers quite easily. 000webhost.com is powered by Hostinger and thus provides unbelievable features like free space and much more. The basic plans are free, and unlike the competitors of 000webhost.com, you don’t have to pay extra money for it. Not only that but you also get a 24/7 support system available for customers. You also get a good amount of uptime to beat all your competitors.


Regarding ranking, 000webhost is the number one position. It is powered by one of the most influential hosting services, Hostinger. As a free web hosting company, it has earned the trust of 25,136,856 visitors. The review directory of this company has been provided on their website.

Unbelievable Features

Free PHP hosting

Now you can get free PHP hosting without any advertisements. 000webhost not only provides free web hosting but also gives you PHP support along with a MySQL database which is thoroughly updated. You will also get a feature known as PHP Curl which will help you to gather content from several other websites. There are no vital limits on PHP and MySQL at 000webhost.com. The module support for PHP will ensure that all your scripts co-ordinate and work smoothly. You will get FTP library as well as calendar function. Socket functions, as well as MySQL functions, will also be present. You also have access to Bcmath for mathematics related functions. The PHP features include Zend Optimizer and IonCube Loader. There is a safety mode which remains active for the safety of your website.

Website Templates For Free

There are so many website templates to choose from at 000webhost.com. At zero cost you can now use amazing templates for your website. You just have to choose and download your template. Now you don’t have to worry about coding anymore. You can just use any text editor to edit the content and upload. There are so many options for you to choose from. These templates are specially made for optimising the SEO practice. All the templates are built personally by professionals. Whatever website you want to build, you can just select the kind of template you want. Dating, animals, books, beauty are some of the templates that are available at 000webhost.com.

Free Domain Hosting

Now you can get 100 percent free hosting for the domain at 000webhost.com. You have the liberty to choose your domain or go for any of the subdomains that are available. Almost all kinds of domains are accepted. If you have any questions regarding international domains, then it can be solved as well. International domains are also supported at 000webhost.com. There is a domain checker by Hostinger which helps you to find out a suitable domain name that is available.

Free Cpanel

Cpanel is critical for your website and 000webhost.com you get special kind of administration tools. All these tools come for free and are not found in any other hosting company. Cpanel is crucial because it handles all administration related issues regarding your website. The disk space is unbelievable along with a bandwidth of 10 GB. You can change the language and the theme of the Cpanel. It will help you to get backups for Wizard. If you want daily reports regarding the usage of your disk-space, then you can get it easily. There are so many tutorials available ok the website for you to use the Cpanel effectively. You can access all the files of your websites using FTP. Your directories will be protected by a suitable password that is only known by you. You can also use leech protection which will help you to get protection from users who tend to give out passwords of the protected and restricted areas of your website. There are several image tools for the images to convert the type of file of the image or to edit the image.

So what are you waiting for? To build your future, you need to contact them now to get free web hosting for your website and set up your business properly! When you associate with them, in no time your business will reach the pinnacle.


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