Apple has finally revamped and launched the new MacBook Pro, after many years with sticking to the same design i.e., approximately more than four years. This product was much awaited with high anticipation by all the Apple lovers. With an addition of new features and quite a lot of much-needed improvements, this product had become a highlight.

Let’s dive in and take a look at a few good things discovered in the new MacBook Pro.

  • Design

Okay. This definitely has to be one of the features which are on top of the list. Everyone wishes for their gadgets to have an amazing and user-friendly design. So how exactly was the look and feel of this baby? Let’s just say it was lighter and thinner. Much, much thinner. It carries a weight of 4 pounds and also measures around 0.61 inches in thickness. Although the thinness was much more prominently noticeable, the weight did not have any significant difference.

  • Touch Bar

This was one of the newly added features of the newly launched MacBook Pro. Let’s just make a list of all the things this feature allowed the users to do.

  1. More productive typing
  2. Performing email actions
  3. Declining or accepting calls
  4. File system management
  5. Function key usage
  6. Action button customization
  7. Invoking Siri
  8. Accessing operational keys
  9. Text formatting
  10. Sending emoji’s
  11. Web browsing
  12. Music control
  13. Color selection
  14. Photo editingCo
  15. ding
  16. Video eiting

I guess it’s a pretty good feature addition.

  • Performance

Apart from introducing the Touch ID sensor, one of the favorite additions of the people is the much needed and much-awaited boost in speed. Not only is it possible to open multiple tabs, but it can also run every single app you can think of, without facing any problems or errors.

It also proved to have massive gains in video editing programs speed. People experienced a lot of pauses, errors, and problems in the older versions.

  • Picture and Sound quality

There is very little needed to be said about the quality of display and audio features. Apple continues to hit the ball out of the stadium in both these areas of functionality. It still has amazing and fantastic audio, and pictures are clearer than ever. These two were never much of a problem in any of the company’s products. 

  • Battery Life

The new MacBook Pro now contains battery life which can match the power of the hardware. It comes along with seventh generation Intel chips which will get the system through an entire working day without any extra charge. 

  • Massive Trackpad

This product comes along with a gigantic trackpad which makes it convenient for users to navigate through the system. Its ease of use is a major plus point. 

  • Touch ID

The touch ID is another great feature which helps to ensure security and maintain the privacy of the users.

Thus, it can be concluded that the new MacBook Pro is a pretty good product to make an investment in.

Important thing to note about MacBook

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