7 iOS Apps All Techies Need This Summer

The latest in app tech is getting more innovative as developers find ways to block ads, streamline daily processes, and even deliver your news to you as though a friend is texting you. If you want the greatest tech on your iPhone this summer, check out these new offerings you’ll find in the Apple store.


This is a contact management app that greatly improves on the iPhone’s contacts app. Available for $4.99 in the Apple store, it enables you to create and delete groups and interface with other apps to send group messages and e-mails. When you get new contact information from someone, you simply select that text and use the Scratchpad feature to save it to the Interact app, where you can add it to any of your groups.



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The ads that pop up while you’re browsing the internet eat up your data, are annoying, and get in the way of what you’re trying to read or watch. That’s where 1Blocker’s genius technology comes in. This app blocks ads, tracking scripts, share buttons, adult sites, and more. With 1Blocker, you’re not just blocking ads, you’re blocking many of the things that make your specific phone experience less than ideal. Try it out to see if it saves you battery life, page loading time, and (most importantly) data. It’s free to download and offers in-app purchases.


For $4.99 in the Apple store you can find this schedule and task management app that offers a calming interface to help remove the stress from your day’s activities. Doo comes pre-loaded with 18 images, each of which corresponds to a reminder you can set for any time. When that reminder pops up, you see the image along with it. Doo also keeps track of your large projects, lets you know when something is looming, and offers you suggestions on how to get that big task done.


Some of the best tech apps offer simple streamlining to things we all do every day. Apple’s mail app isn’t terrible, but AirMail will show you all the ways it could be better. The large Retina display of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus makes AirMail’s interface simple to view, but the features it offers are far from simplistic. Adding attachments, integrating other apps, creating PDFs, and even printing are all available features for AirMail. Get it for $4.99 in the Apple store.


This trendy investment app takes your spare change from your electronic purchases and invests it for you. You choose one of five carefully curated investment portfolios (from conservative to aggressive risk), and keep track of your earnings with the app. Set your account for a monthly deposit along with your spare change, or start off your journey with a big sum to get your investments going. It’s far less expensive than going with a traditional broker; you pay $1 per month for accounts under $5,000, you don’t need a minimum amount to invest, and you don’t pay a penalty to withdraw your money.


If you’re into social media technology, take a look at Periscope, Twitter’s next big thing. This is a free video streaming app that lets you take and share videos live. You can set your videos so they replay for 24 hours, only play for specific people, or share via your Twitter profile. When you see something you like, give it a heart. It’s kind of like Snapchat’s video feature, but with the ability to share the fun with the entire web.



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Get your news via SMS feed with Quartz. This app’s interface looks like a text message thread, and it delivers news stories in a conversational way. App users say it’s like talking to another human. The app adds GIFs, sends you push notifications, and lets you control the conversation. Quartz is free in the Apple store.

Be the first of your friends to engage with new social media, news, and life management apps. This new app tech will make your phone screen a lot more interesting.


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