5 ways Travelers can benefit from Social Media

Social media means everything online, these days. You can’t go anywhere without some connection to it, with websites featuring Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, embedded videos, memes, the web is all about sharing now. You probably have at least one social media account, though more likely several on different sites.

But it isn’t just a matter of vanity or even communication any longer. Social media has turned into a launching point for every industry, from non-profit to Wall Street. One great example of that is travel, a genre that has really benefited from social networking principles being applied to old review formulas and advice publications. But there are 4 ways in which travelers can really take advantage of social media.

  1. Review Websites

Anyone who has been to a site like Yelp or CitySearch knows how handy it can be. You get local and travel reviews from people who have gone to nearby restaurants, shops, hotels, and entertainment venues. You can find out what places are must-visit locations, and which you should probably stay away from. They also usually have links to professional reviews that have been done by local publications, which can be useful, as well.

  1. Travel Itinerary Websites

Probably the most frequently visited style of website for travelers will be travel aid sites. For example, TripAdvisor lets you see local entertainment, sightseeing destinations, tours, hotels, hostels, culture spots, transportation and more. You can learn a great deal about any location, and create a full vacation itinerary. Then you can leave a review, or see other people’s reviews. Or, go with a more official site such as Lonely Planet, which is well known for their travel guides, articles, and professional travel advice.

  1. Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are extremely popular for travelers. Which is understandable, as it is a way of taking things with you, no matter where you are. Travel guides, review apps, taxi services, and trip planners are some of the useful apps you can download to use on your smartphone or tablet. Most seem to have a social aspect to them now, so you can even access a wider community for help, tips or just to share. A site like TravelTracker allows you to create an entire itinerary from your phone. Think of TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet all rolled into a single travel app.

  1. Sharing Travel Photos/Experiences on Instagram

When people think of sharing holiday photos, they usually conjure images of being forced to sit and watch vacation slides on a projector. But those agonizing days are (thankfully) over. You can share your photos on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook or anywhere else you can think of. In order to make your post viral on Instagram, consider buying Instagram likes and views. You can even blog about your experiences and let other travel enthusiasts read about your trip.


Social media is a special tool when it comes to travel. Because it is a social activity, you are able to better apply it to websites that foster communication and sharing. These five ways above will let you really take advantage of all of the possibilities and make your trip far more efficient.

What are your favorite ways of using social media while traveling? Let us know in the comments.


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