5 Tips To Attract More Customers To Your E-Commerce Platform

The average entrepreneur doesn’t launch a store every day. So, it is important that you put in the right efforts to ensure that you have traffic directed to your store. This way, your products sell and you earn revenues.

E-commerce is booming, and this is the best time to build your online store. With the internet being so popular, the way that people to shop has changed; the trends have changed too. Customers don’t only enter a store and buy a product. There are many other store selling similar products are available at their fingertips. So, they make sure of comparing the products and prices, before making a purchase.

Ecommerce And Attracting Traffic

The number of e-commerce stores is increasing rapidly; so is the level of competition. If you have launched an ecommerce store, chances are that you’ll have to compete with the likes of behemoths like Amazon, unless you’re selling something unique. Attracting traffic to your store will not be an easy thing to do, unless you know how to do it. Here are some tips to help increase traffic to your stores, along with sales and revenues.


  • Content Connection


Content has a very important role to play when it comes to engaging customers.

By ‘content,’ we don’t mean just product descriptions or videos. You need to go beyond these, and offer your customers additional information in the form or lifestyle content. Investing in content marketing is what you need to do to ensure this.


  • Build A Reputation


You cannot expect to start selling volumes from the first day of launching your store. You’ll need to build a reputation for your store to experience consistent sales. Customers are more conscious today, and prefer to buy from reputed stores. In fact, there are many customers who check the reputation of the store online, even before visiting its website.

Building reputation takes time. Make sure you sell quality products and you deliver the products on time. Ask your customers to leave behind reviews and feedbacks on your site. Engage with your previous customers too by sending them mails and messages.


  • Use Social Media


All entrepreneurs know that they can take the advantage of social media to engage more customers and increase revenues. Unfortunately, they do it in the wrong way and end up getting no results.

Polyvore and Instagram are two social media platforms that can increase your sales manifold. So, make sure that you integrate both these platforms to your store. You can use these tips to engage customers on your Instagram profile.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you ignore other platforms. You can consider arranging contests and campaigns, ask your customers to post images of them using your products, show your followers how things work at your end, etc.


  • Consider Upselling


Upselling is selling a slightly more expensive product to customers who are in the process of buying a product from your store.  Upselling is seen as a better alternative to cross-selling. Often, your customers don’t know that a better product is available. When you show it to them, they happily purchase it. Upselling also involves telling your customers that another product will better fit their needs.

If you have a product that is made with a better quality of cotton or if another product is more suitable for a particular weather, make sure you convey such qualities to your customers.

While upselling, make sure to keep in mind the orginal needs of your customers and their price ranges as well.


  • Great Customer Support


This is one of the most important things that you to offer to build a loyal customer base. Make sure that you are available over telephone, chat, etc. Reply to your customer mails as soon as possible. These are some of the ways to make your customers satisfied and happy.

When it comes to e-commerce, you need to realize that customers won’t just shop at your store for your products. They will stop at your store only when they feel connected. They will buy from your store, because of your store’s personality. Make sure that you have a good website with a user-friendly navigation.

Best e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc. let you build stunning online stores with few clicks. Some of them take care of your marketing requirements as well.  Along with their tactics, make sure to use these as well to ensure higher sales.


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