5 Strategies for Choosing a Clothing Brand Name

Picking clothing brand names can be a bit of a headache. You want to choose something that stands out and communicates your mission and purpose, while still being simple and memorable. As you work through the process of choosing a name, consider these tips.

Strategies for Choosing a Clothing Brand Name

Get it All Out There

The first step in choosing a brand name is to brainstorm like there’s no tomorrow. Get together with your team, and start jotting down every idea that comes into your head — no judgments here, just write it all down. You might start with some words that describe your business, clothing products, or audience, then let the words flow. Don’t be afraid to mix it up too; feel free to experiment with made-up words, short phrases, and word mash-ups. Brand name generators such as Namify.com can help in this process.

Focus on Your Mission

As part of your brainstorming process, consider the features that set your brand apart, or the characteristics that your company strives to emulate. Stay away from anything that’s too general or symbolic, instead, give more weight to ones that will communicate a key quality to your audience. For instance, if your clothing brand’s mission reflects diversity, you might choose words that communicate this, while pairing them with words that still tie in with the topic of clothing.

Consider Your Audience

Consider how your audience will view the brand name you’ve chosen. Will it be easy to remember? Is it easy to spell? Can it be quickly pronounced? Does it effectively communicate what you’re selling? Next, consider how it actually looks when spelled out: it is visually appealing and easy to turn into a logo? Will the letters look attractive to customers when combined with other logo elements? Another consideration (especially for made-up words or words chosen from another language) is whether or not the words have meaning in other languages, or if they’re culturally sensitive in context with your particular audience.

Give Thought to SEO

Keywords and ranking can make or break the success of a new clothing brand. Some brand names will do well if they’re higher in the alphabet (since they may come up first in certain searches and directories). Some brand names will benefit from the inclusion of a high-performing keyword that will funnel ideal customers right to you. Giving attention to this can encourage better web traffic to your clothing brand or store.

Investigate Trademarking

Trademark search sites such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office will help you do a bit of research to ensure that your dream brand name isn’t already taken. Once you’ve done your initial search, it’s wise to hire a trademark attorney to double and triple-check that your name of choice is free for the taking.

Picking a clothing brand name gives you an opportunity to shape the impressions customers will have on your company. It’s an exciting opportunity to share a bit about your business, your mission, and the feeling you want your clothing to convey. By investing in this critical component upfront, you’ll have a leg up on the competition over the long haul.



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