5 Finance Apps You Must Have in Your iPad

Taking care of finance has never been easy. Whether it’s your bank account, investments, loans to daily expenses or income you always need an outside help. Apple provides you with financial apps which manage everything for you from investing the stock exchange to your expenses at the grocery store and even your pocket money. Here is a list of some of the top finance apps you must have in your iPad which will allow easy management of your budget and investments:

Home Budget

Home Budget

Home Budget is a complete finance app which allows you to keep a track of your incomes and expenses, account details and dues of bill. It has many features working together in a simple app. For instance if you have paid your bill, it will automatically enlist it as an expense. It supports different types of currencies and payments. You can also set bill reminder alert for your crucial payments. It produces charts to show your income and expense level for the past six months. The feature ‘family sync’ facilitates sync of the Home Budget with different iPads.

Mortgage Calculator

It is regarded as the complete and most trusted mortgage calculator available in the app store. The best part is that it is available for free. It calculates your mortgage amount in the best possible way. Thus it is one of the best finance apps you must have in your iPad

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a superb quality app. It is very important for staying up to date in regard with the current development in the finance world. It allows access to the newspaper and other supplement and provides with an archive of 7 days. The new updates are given to the app throughout the day. It is for those people who are interested in financial changes across the pond.

Easy Books

This app is designed to help the users to keep a track of their professional accounts with the help of their iPads. You can keep a track of different accounts, sales and purchases, even the asset value and its depreciation. You can set up recurring dealings to just your accounts weekly or monthly. It provides you the option of extra security with a pass code of four digits. You can easily evaluate your profit and loss, tax and other small functions related to business and export them as HTML files.


It performs similar functions like Home Budget. It functions like a finance tracker which allows you to keep a track of all your accounts and credit cards and sync the account between different Apple devices. It evaluates your financial score and transfers it to Microsoft Excel. It also has the facility to use multiple currency and to export and import transactions as required.

Thus, these are the best finance apps you must have in your iPad. Home Budget is considered the best as it not only keeps a track of all your income and expenses but also provides synchronization with different Apple devices. Thus you can make use of any of the apps as per your use.


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