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Technology is always for making things easier and beneficial. In times of Android based Smartphones, Cooking Apps are going to be a unique and useful way for masses. In today’s busy life, we have to compete with many things and for that staying healthy is a must. By taking healthy and tasteful diet we can make ourselves happy and healthy. And if i am not wrong Men are just fond of food. Women can make them do anything by preparing tasty foods. So it is very important to have a good hand in preparing good dishes for your better half. Mobiles are handy enough; you can download Android Cooking Apps in it and keep ourselves updated about good foods. Here some best Android Apps for Cooking have been described.

DinnerSpinner App

Best Android Apps for Cooking- ExpertViews

DinnerSpinner app has been launched by the first cooking website AllReceipes which has a list of many delicious recipes that can be helpful for making our meals throughout the day and night. By the help of this app, you can spin the entire screen to choose the desired dish, its ingredients and cooking time. The given combination will provide you a dish recipe which you can cook and enjoy yourself. DinnerSpinner uses AllRecipe website which has large amount of well formatted database that will always give you something new to cook. This makes it one of the best Android app for Cooking. Give a try!

Mobile Rush Hour Recipes App

Are you worried about your health? If you are a health conscious buddy you should definitely download Mobile Rush Hour Recipes App. Mobile Rush Hour Recipes App has many features like PrestoFind, SurpriseMe, Courses, Videos, AbouHoly and Gallery. These features will give you the option to choose your recipes according to your taste. Moreover, they will alert you about how much calories you are taking on every meal. If you love surprises its SurpriseMe option will be very useful for you.


This is one of the best Cookery App. It is free of cost containing 170000 recipes. You will get features like automatic unit conversions between metric and imperial, Shopping List and recipe based on your available ingredients. Apart from this it will also guide you about how much calorie you are taking with your recipe. This can help you choose a healthy meal.

Healthy Recipes

This App use SparkRecipes website as its database. The best part of this app is that every recipe will inform you about your intake of calories, fat content, fiber measurement etc. So this App will be very useful for diet conscious people. At present there are 150 recipes available on it like Jalapeno Boats, Crock Pot Taco and Diet Pop Cake to name just a few. It also has the option to pass comment on their recipes and share your recipes if you have anything new.

Epicurious Recipe App

Epicurious Recipe App is a selection from the award winner food site Epicurious.com. It is free to download and has more than 28000 professionally tested food recipes. Its recipes are designed by famous chefs and chosen from the popular magazines Gourmet and Bon Appétit. In conclusion I would prefer this app to download on your Android based phone.

Staying healthy is must to survive beautifully and enjoy life. These Apps will be helpful to eat healthy and   stay fit. Technology has reduced our effort and made us extra conscious about health, taste and choosing things for our meal. So we can say “Change is always for Good”.


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