4 Ways to Improve Your Website to Help Generate More Leads

The ultimate goal of your website should be to drive business by increasing sales. It achieves this by generating leads, potential customers or clients which could later become sales.

Unfortunately, simply having a website is not enough to generate leads. Just building a site won’t be enough to draw traffic and get more people buying your products or services. You have to be proactive in generating potential leads, and this means building a website which is conducive to driving traffic and getting customers interested in your services and products.

Here are four simple but effective ways of improving your website to generate more leads and ultimate, increase sales.

Choose a Reliable Host 

Choosing a host is one of the first steps in building a website. But making a poor decision at this stage can have significant ramifications in your website’s ability to generate leads.

For sites running on WordPress, choose a reliable wordpress hosting service. This will ensure your host servers are finely tuned to run on a WordPress platform and provide optimal hosting for your site.

Add Forms to High-Traffic Pages

Using pages that generate the most traffic to drive future marketing efforts is key to turning visitors into sales. First, find the pages on your site that generate the most traffic. These might be your site’s homepage, an informative blog post, or your page of team member profiles. Attach a form to these pages that prompt visitors to join a mailing list.

To get visitors to sign up, you could provide an incentive, like access to exclusive, e-mail only content, or a one-time promotional offer. Once they have entered their email address, you can contact them with future marketing campaigns designed to attract first-time customers and clients.

Add a Phone Number

This may not be the most obvious way to generate leads but including a phone number somewhere on your website is a good way to increase sales. A phone number shows legitimacy. For a first-time customer that doesn’t have an existing relationship with your company, they will be scanning the website for signs that your business is legitimate and not a scam site. A phone number offering a real point of contact with the business shows legitimacy and builds trust.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Around 20% of Americans exclusively use their smartphones to access the internet. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you are missing out on a significant portion of potential leads.

Ensure loading times are kept to a minimum and all layouts are attractive on mobiles as well as computers and tablets to appeal to all users no matter what platform they are browsing on.

By adopting these four principles of web design and construction, you can significantly increase the number of leads your website generates. The more leads you generate, the more potential customers you have. This means more opportunities to sell your product. By persevering with these methods your sales figures should see a steady increase, driving your business forward, and delivering growth


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