4 Ways That the Cloud Benefits Apple and Android Users

Apple and Android phones come loaded with individual cloud services. You get a small amount of storage for free, and you can upgrade to more storage for phone backups and file saving. But when you need to use the cloud for work, you can’t rely on the storage that’s meant only for you as an individual. Use a separate work cloud service to get tons of extra benefits.

Connect With Work


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When you’re traveling, telecommuting, or meeting with clients across town, a secure cloud service keeps you connected to your workplace and relevant work files. Say your business uses Google Drive, for example. You just need to sign in to your Google account to access the work files that are shared with you. You can even edit them from your phone, making it that much easier to participate in work meetings when you’re connecting via video or phone.

Save Files Easily

Gone are the days when we worked on documents only from our computers. Now, your Android or Apple tablet or phone has the capability to be a work screen, which is great for you and your team. If everyone is on the same cloud service, saving and sharing documents is a lot easier. So is collaborating; you may do some work on a document and save it, then let another colleague open it up and save more changes. If you are using different storage platforms, sending documents back and forth gets old fast.

Secure Your Data


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Data security has been an issue since humans started creating documents we decided were important. Back when everything was on paper, fires and other disasters threatened the safety of sensitive documents. Now, we worry about cloud breaches and hackers. Learn more about cloud security so you know what kind of security services to invest in and how you can best protect your data. When you know whether it’s better to tokenize or encrypt your files, you’ll feel more confident in your security measures because you know just how secure they are.

Run Software

The cloud isn’t just for storage. Now you can sign up for cloud-based software. Getting software on the cloud is easier for your whole business, because you don’t have to download anything, and updates are immediate. Manage people, money, supply chains, and more with cloud software. You can access the software from your phone, too, via intuitive apps. Now you don’t have to be at the office to check on your business accounts or process payroll. Sharing the cloud software among your employees is as easy as giving them their own logins.

When it comes to personal storage, Apple and Android have you covered. When it comes to business cloud accounts, you and your team should all be part of the same cloud. Make sharing data simpler, storing data more secure, and running programs easier. Plus, you want storage and software options that you and your employees can access via Apple and Android phones. The cloud is your solution.


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