4 Useful Tips to Create More Impressive Slideshow Videos

Are you trying to create slideshow videos that are able to grab the attention of viewers and keep them interested? As a type of audiovisual content, slideshow videos can be really quite impressive – but you need to carefully design them so that they have the kind of impact that you want.

In order to start creating more impressive slideshow videos, there are a few tips in particular that you should follow:

  • Keep the slideshow short and tightly-focused

One of the main problems with many slideshow videos is that they tend to drag on for far too long. Because of that even if the slideshow starts off being really impressive, viewers are likely to lose interest midway.

To avoid this and ensure your slideshows are consistently impressive to viewers – keep them short. Ideally your slideshow should be 2 minutes or less, which means that they can contain about 24 images at 5 seconds per image.

  • Use music to set the tone and the pace

Adding background music to a slideshow video is a great way to take advantage of its audiovisual nature. More importantly it can make your slideshow appear much more impressive if you use the music to set the tone and the pace of the video.

Try to find music that resonates with the mood of the slideshow, and is able to provoke an emotional reaction. Additionally the beat of the music should line up with the transition speed of the slideshow, so that both appear synchronized.

  • Don’t compromise on quality

Every image that you use in your slideshow should consist of high quality images – preferably in HD resolutions. Mismatched resolutions will be really noticeable when you’re moving from slide to slide, especially if one image has a much lower resolution than the others.

If some of your images aren’t up to scratch, you should either look for alternatives or try to find ways to reshoot or reproduce the image in a higher quality.

  • Use transitions sparingly

One of the worst ways to try to make a video slideshow more impressive is to cram it with transitions. Although adding a few tasteful transitions at key moments can make the visuals more interesting – too many will just ruin your slideshow completely.

In short transitions should be used sparingly, and with the utmost care.

Make no mistake although creating slideshows is relatively easy, you need a slideshow software that will let you control the audiovisual elements you add and customize them according to your requirements.

By applying the tips listed above when you create your slideshow, it should be easy to make it more impressive. Before you finalize the slideshow however, you should try to put yourself in the shoes of the viewers that will watch it – and try to get a sense of how they will perceive it. Alternatively get a second pair of eyes in to watch it and give you impartial feedback.


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