20 Signs You Are Being Lazy On LinkedIn

Linkedin is a very powerful social media toll for professionals. It is a one of a kind media toll that allows you to connect with the correct [people at the correct time forth correct cause, augmenting business opportunities and making the industry specific relevant contacts. If you are not on LinkedIn then I assume you are not too ambitious, because ambitious people leave no stone unturned to get them noticed professionally. It helps in building their image, business new business contact gets them good leads and bolsters business ties in home business and ancillary by-product industries adding value to you every second. Come-on, LinkedIn is easy, it’s accessible and yes, people it is free of cost. Why would you not like to extract the best from the plethora of recruiters and business contacts, whether your ex-boss, a future boss or even valued employees who could doorway some good opportunities for you.


1)      Your Profile Sports a Casual Picture

If you are serious about being professional then this the wrong social media site for casual pictures on the beach. Make the profile picture more professional. This makes your account null and void.

2)      Your Profile Was Updated 1 Year Back

You need to be on your toes, not updating your latest profile probably tells an irresponsible story.

3)      You Are Network Centric

Avoid sending random friends requests, add people only if they add more value to you or your cause of being there.

4)      You Write Lacklustre Recommendations

Silly are the people who write lacklustre recommendations for all as remember you never know when you could be a helping hand to someone who really need a job.

5)      You Don’t Bother To Be Recommended

If you are not bothered to get yourself recommended then its better you go off the media tool as you are not availing the real essence of its existence. Get recommendations from old bosses, and ex-employees.

6)      No Connections

Not promoting a network centric attitude but getting good valued additions are a must. Add all the possible good contacts.

7)      Sign of casualness

If you were indeed serious about getting yourself some cookies form LinkedIn then you would have given yourself a good headliner. You headliner speaks volumes about your drive to excel, your desperation for success and your zeal to work hard.

8)      Joining Groups to Avoid Them

You join groups, that you think are your liking or are remotely your liking and then quickly leave the groups or conversations.

9)      Copy Pasting System

You copy paste you resume and other sample details that give a wrong impression on the minds of recruiters if any of them view it. It clearly shows you are not capable of taking even that much effort and that you like to shortcut which does not go well with a professional set up social media site.

10)  You Keep Your Profile Open

Keeping your profile closed, limited or restricted is a better option; it looks classier and less desperate in nature. Choose the people you would want to add.

11)  No Participation

You have no participation in threads, and groups, like I said earlier you just joined them but did not add anything. You need to participate to be seen, observed and appreciated with gainful rewards.

12)  Never an Initiator

You’re never an initiator of discussion or talk on the social media site. Why? Build up conversations; try making small but sensible chat. Do not talk crap, nothing abusive and nothing flirty should be mentioned in your chats. Always talk to the point.

13)  Organisation

Yes, I know you may have a lot contacts and connections to cause problems, but you need to organise and categorise these contact based on whether they are family, work, ex-employees, current employees etc. This helps you segregate the material through the correct channels.

14)  You Don’t Update and Reflect Your Active Status

Either you update the status or either you update the rest of the details, but be active. You being active on LinkedIn matters a lot to your profile’s feel. If you are inactive people won’t bother contacting you.

15)  You Are Not Showing Off Your Contacts

If you are truly conscious about making it big and use LinkedIn effectively you would use your common-sense to try interacting with the client and contacts who you think are important and could leverage your profile and add some business or professional value to it. Anything that adds value free of cost is always welcome.

16)  You Haven’t Synched Other Social Media Contact With LinkedIn Contacts

When you have contact on other social media tools why would you not sync them with your LinkedIn profile this will help you get the correct contacts. You can choose your contacts.

17)  You lie

Do you lie in your profile, don’t do that, this reflects badly to all your contacts when a lot of them form the existing contacts would actually know the truth. Do not lie. The lies will come and small whatever you have built all this while.

18)  You Endorse The Wrong Things

See your profile and then very carefully observe the stuff added to it, decide the kind of appeal you want to create, the image you want to give out and delete the unnecessary things that is probably going against the image you want to show off.

19)  You Are Asking For Job Interviews Online

Asking for job interviews online totally spoils your image hence avoid doing these things online. Be discreet about your intentions and about the really important things that will matter.

20)  Have you been flirting on LinkedIn?

This is strict no-no; at least for LinkedIn and I don’t even think you need any explanation for that. Avoid this totally. Use LinkedIn properly and don’t be lazy about, try at least 10 of them to find new effects, good effects that will help your daily life and boost your business. LinkedIn is a great tool to add more value to every aspect of life. Make use of it now!


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