10 Ways Windows Smartphone Is Better Than Android

Have you been so keenly looking for the most excellent features of Smartphone? There is no need to search further. This is due to wonderful applications and also characteristics of Windows Smartphone at the present. Many users of Smartphone now prefer Windows phone. As compared to android, Windows Smartphone has a plenty of special features to surprise you. The following details regarding 10 ways Windows Smartphone is better than android are helpful to you.


Elegant Tiles Layout

Every person loves to get the best latest thing in each purchase. If you prefer Windows Smartphone, you will have more happiness by its fashionable home-screen with tiles layout.

As compared to very usual icons in android, Windows phone’s tiles absolutely make you happier by its easy way to access your apps and thus save your time.

Countless hub features

Do you have any expectation to experience real worth of entire features of hub? Windows Smartphone is the preeminent to you.

By this special and unique facility, you can simply keep up your friends on phone. Further than this, huge files share give you much delight.

Synchronization facility

Today’s world, users of Smartphone often involve in data transfer tasks between their phone and Smartphone.

Due to very good phone to PC synchronization facility, you can get limitless benefits.

Chic yet high-quality hardware

Hardware plays an important role in any phone in particular Smartphone. This model phone with highest resolution screen offers you new fantastic experience.

Up-to-the-minute apps

Superb apps alone keep everyone’s eagerness at a pinnacle level. Many gamers now get endless chances to easily involve in their anticipated game world by superb apps in Windows Smartphone.

You can simply get in touch with your favorite apps via just a click away.

First-class keyboard

Even if android Smartphone contains the best keyboard, unique characteristic of Windows Smartphone’s keyboard gives you much contentment throughout use. Very accurate nature of this keyboard supports you all the way through your involvement in it.

No ad-ware

This is one of the best characteristics of Windows Smartphone. This is useful to get rid of ads those often appear in your android Smartphone.

Xbox games   

Many game lovers are now easily getting more advantages by numerous Xbox games in their Windows Smartphone. This facility catches the attention of many individuals throughout the globe.

Attractive key features

Rooms feature is just an example for how easily user of Windows Smartphone can get in touch with particular groups like friends, family members. Data sense is really wonderful benefit to every user.

You can use it for your business purposes like working with various documents and share the documents easily.

Zune pass compatible

This facility is an exact thing expected by music lovers worldwide. By this extraordinary facility, users can simply use Microsoft’s Zune digital media service in order to download music tracks they love to get it.


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